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Metatrader and cryptocurrencies?!

INOEX is a pioneer in this integration!

INOEX is the one and only in crypto currencies trading market to allow you trade in crypto currency by using MT5. You can have full control over your Crypto Currencies Trading with built-in indicators, daily analysis, forecasts and premium charts experience.


Why choose INOEX?

Quick Deposits, quick withdrawals

Using bitcoin, you can deposit from your Wallet, and withdraw in your wallet with 100% safe and secure procedure

Flawless customer experience

INOEX is proud of its Support Team that is capable of addressing any problem

Comfortable trading

INOEX offers Desktop, iOS and Android apps, so you can trade Crypto assets anytime and anywhere.

Step by Step

Creating an account for cripto currencies trade on MetaTrader 5 is easy and quick, just follow the step by step to start making your transactions and profit a lot!


Register with INOEX, and send your documents for account validation.


Click the Metatrader option on the menu and request your MetaTrader 5 access account.


Extremely Complicated

Investment in multiple currencies requires you to go to many differents exchanges, requiring additional time and papework.

Simple and easy

MT5 lets you invest in different crypto currencies quickly, all in one place!

Hundreds of scammy coins

Dozens of new coins are produced every day, many being scams designed to take away your hard earned money. Due diligence on these coins requires resources and time.

Only approved cryptos

Our team of experts constantly analyzes individual projects and saves you time by vetting the coins for you.



Free margin is the amount of capital you have available to trade.


Can you picture the Forex market without using the term leverage? Yes, you are right; it’s not possible because leverage makes a rather boring market, incredibly exciting. Leverage has made Forex an interesting business.

There will not be a 10% movement in your account in a year, if you are not leveraged. Leverage simply magnifies your returns as well as losses.

While typical amounts of leverage tend to be too high, some trade with five time leverage. It is important to note that much of the volatility, you experience when trading, is due to the more leverage on your trade, than the price fluctuations in the underlying asset.

The high degree of leverage, inherent in trading dramatically increases returns and risks. There is some risk mitigation techniques, using which professional traders can mitigate their risks, and improve their returns.


** To get the margin calculator in a full version, calculating a margin of all other Trading pairs in INOEX.

Now you can trade upto 14 pairs Of Crypto Currencies in Inoex.Exchange using MT5.

Sr.# Symbol Description Digit Contract Size Min. Volume Max. Volume Volume Step
1 BTCUSDT BitCoin vs USDT 1 1 0.01 10 0.01
2 ETHUSDT Ethereum vs USDT 2 1 0.01 100 0.01
3 EOSUSDT EOS vs USDT 4 1 1.00 10000 1.00
4 XRPUSDT Ripple vs USDT 4 10 1.00 10000 1.00
5 LTCUSDT Litecoin vs USDT 3 1 0.10 1000 0.10
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Risk Warning: Our products are traded in margin and involve significant risk to your invested capital. These products may not be suitable for everyone and you should ensure that you fully undestand all the risks.

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